The Other Side, Part 21

Antietam battlefield mapAll the men came forward except Jimmie and put their hands on each other’s shoulders, making a semi-circle in front of me. The tall man in the black hat looked at Jimmie and said, “Come on Jimmie and join us.”

They let him into the semi-circle of men. It created a sort of chain of men. The two men at the ends of the semi-circle reached up and touched the Symbol.

It glowed, and they were gone.

Spirit Guide wanted me to ask Animal Spirit Guide what our message might be in this dimension. I looked at her, and the words “Love” and “Hate” popped in my head.

How close they were to each other! You could switch from one to the other very quickly, which reminded me of the time Union cavalry charged a Confederate line. Most of the cavalry turned back, but one cavalryman kept charging.

Some of the Confederates started yelling, ”don’t shoot him.” They didn’t want to kill such a brave man, but a few Rebel soldiers didn’t hear the plea and shot him anyway. Some of the Confederates had gone from hate to love in a few seconds.

Spirit Guide thought this was probably part of our message. She said I should get an additional Animal Spirit Guide.

I told Spirit Guide of the first time I had seen Animal Spirit Guide, which was more than 12 years ago and the impression she had made on me.

Spirit Guide said, “It was meant to be.”

I had first seen Animal Spirit Guide in El Dorado, AR. Her owner had described her and how vicious she could be if anyone tried to break into his office. He went to the back door and opened it. Animal Spirit Guide ran in and began searching for me. Based upon the description her owner had given, I already had this attitude of admiration, trust and love for her.

She found me, and a rapport was immediately created between us.

Spirit Guide then asked where Animal Spirit Guide was going to take us next time.

She looked toward the West Woods at Antietam…


About Civil War Reflections

Vernon has been a Civil War buff since childhood, but had been inactive in Civil War history for over two decades. However, in the early 1990s his interest was rekindled after watching Ken Burns’ “Civil War Documentary” on PBS. He particularly became interested in the Battle of Antietam (Sharpsburg) and decided to learn more about this epic struggle.
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