Civil War Transcendence, part 193

193 apples oranges

I suggested we all go back in the house. I got my bedding from the barn, and we all spent a fitful night. I believe I pondered my situation with Daphne, this universe, and my universe about a dozen times.  I loved my wife, but I hated my job and the hassle of 21st century life. I loved Daphne and I enjoyed the adventures that I had experienced in this universe, but life was short here. And the conveniences of 21st century life were nothing to be laughed at. A shower and toilet were just some of the things I really missed. I almost made myself sick with all the appraisals I made.

I did give myself a splitting headache. Finally, I realized that I didn’t really know if I ever could go back to my universe. Apparently, the aliens had control of time travel. It was all up to them, and I didn’t even know why they put me here in the first place. So, I resolved to wait and, the next time the woman alien appeared, we were going to have a serious discussion. I made up my mind that I wasn’t going to be cowed by her, even if it meant my death. I know that they could easily shanghai another person to accomplish their purpose, and that I was expendable, but I wasn’t going to go quietly into that night. With that decision made, my headache subsided and I went to sleep.

I must have been asleep a total of 30 minutes when I heard a rooster crow and the Sage men rolled out of bed. With all the goings-on last night I hadn’t realized that Mrs. Sage wasn’t there, but, when I was offered a cold breakfast of bread and day old bacon, I asked where she was. Mr. Sage said she was visiting her sister in Harpers Ferry. Her sister was sick and needed some help tending her children. I really missed Hattie’s breakfast spread this morning.

After breakfast, the Sage men went their separate ways and I took up residence in the barn. I fed Stonewall and curried him, which he really enjoyed. During this time I kept my Colts in my belt and wondered if the alien would appear.

I just napped in the loft during the morning, trying to catch up on the sleep I missed last night, but I must have dozed off because, from a deep sleep, I sensed a presence near me. I performed a beautiful Aikido roll and came up on one knee with both Colts pointed at a standing figure that was silhouetted against the light coming from outside the barn door. I could not make out who it was, but I heard, “Well, Mr. Hager, I mean Mr. Owen, that was the best gunslinger move since John Wayne in Rio Bravo.”

I was so mad at the smartmouth remark that I almost pulled the triggers. Then I heard, “Now, Mr. Hager, take it easy. We need to talk.”

About Civil War Reflections

Vernon has been a Civil War buff since childhood, but had been inactive in Civil War history for over two decades. However, in the early 1990s his interest was rekindled after watching Ken Burns’ “Civil War Documentary” on PBS. He particularly became interested in the Battle of Antietam (Sharpsburg) and decided to learn more about this epic struggle.
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