Civil War Transcendence, part 366


For the second time, I was so shocked that my eyes seemed to bulge out of their sockets. I became slack jawed and must have gone into a semi-catatonic state. The next thing I remember was being gently shaken by Kann Mer Ray.

“Jim, are you alright?” he queried in a concerned voice.

I was laying on the ground with Kann Mer Ray kneeling over me and Stonewall looking down at me.  Apparently, when Kann Mer Ray observed that I was no longer a threat, he had dropped his hands to his side, which released Stonewall and me from our paralytic condition. However, when released, I was so out of it that I had dropped to the ground.

Kann Mer Ray helped me to my feet. I was wobbly, but able to keep upright. After a few minutes, he let go of me, and I felt more stable.  However, when Stonewall extended his head toward me and gently nuzzled my chest, I tried to reach up to touch him, but it felt as if there was a 100 pound dumbbell strapped to each of my forearms. It was all I could do to move my arms up to waist level. After a few more tries I finally got my arms high enough to take Stonewall’s head in my hands.

It took what seemed like hours before I had enough strength to gently rub his jaws. I think he really appreciated it because, when I initially touched him, his body felt as hard as granite. I believe he had experienced some of the same trauma I had.  Yet after a few minutes of massage, he snorted a few times and began to relax. I also began to gain more control of my body and strength returned to my core being.

Once we had some semblance of normalcy, Kann Mer Ray and San Cirr Ray approached us again.  I turned from Stonewall and positioned myself in front of these beings. I nodded at them with a new understanding of the power they had not only had over me, but over our whole planet.

The Mentor, as San Cirr Ray called him, began, “I’m sorry that I caused you such dismay. I was hoping that you were more…ah…ah. What is the word I am looking for? Oh yes, ‘uncaring.’  I was hoping that you were so uncaring that the knowledge we imparted wouldn’t affect you as deeply as it did. However, you are a person that is intensely concerned about his fellow humans. I should have realized this trait because your Animal Spirit Guide couldn’t have bonded with you so profoundly if you hadn’t been such a loving person.”

I was shocked by his apology and his analysis. All I could do was stare at him with an unemotional expression. I was so drained of all feeling that I couldn’t respond to his soliloquy. I just raised my hand and then dropped it to my side to acknowledge that I had heard him.

I had to clear my throat a few times before I croaked out, “What did ya mean that you had to find the right paragon of the human race?”

The Mentor looked intently at me for a few seconds as if forming an answer that would make sense to a mere human.  Then he began, “When I mentioned we want the best and most peaceful paragon of the human race, you need to understand our meaning of paragon. It is kind of like wanting the best attributes of the human race to evolve. We consider compassion, intelligence, ability to love, and imagination to be the ones we highly value.”

I considered his answer for a moment and then asked, “On how many Earths are you shaping these attributes?”

“Why…all of them!?” he blurted.

I held myself in check and didn’t let my emotions run away with me again. Then I asked again, “But how many Earths are there?”

He nodded toward San Cirr Ray, who had remained silent for some time. She looked me in the eyes and answered with the same tolerant voice that a human would bestow on a dog, “There are over 25 parallel Earths.”

I couldn’t hide my shock and uttered, “Wow!”

I turned back to the Mentor and probed, “I take it you want to reach the point where all humans are imbued with these attributes? Right?”

San Cirr Ray answered, “Yes.”

“Why do you have so many Earths you are influencing in this manner?” I questioned.

“Because evolution is a very finite procedure. The most minute action can trigger a total change to a planet’s evolution,” the Mentor answered and then continued, “We are constantly recruiting human beings to implement specific actions to see what outcomes will occur.”

Standing to my full height and looking the Mentor eye to eye, I finally got to the $64,000 question I had wanted to ask, “What gives you the right to foster your own agenda on our evolution?”

He returned my eye to eye contact and without hesitation explained, “Because your species is slated to join our union of habitable planets, and we are not going to accept a rogue or contentious member. To have a serene universal co-existing union, your planet must evolve to reach its highest level of peace and tranquility by all its inhabitants. Our task is to help you accomplish this ultimate transition.”





About Civil War Reflections

Vernon has been a Civil War buff since childhood, but had been inactive in Civil War history for over two decades. However, in the early 1990s his interest was rekindled after watching Ken Burns’ “Civil War Documentary” on PBS. He particularly became interested in the Battle of Antietam (Sharpsburg) and decided to learn more about this epic struggle.
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