Civil War Transcendence, part 367


Again, I was shocked beyond belief.  I must have fainted, because I suddenly discovered that I was being held in a standing position by San Cirr Ray. She had wrapped her arms around me to keep me from falling, and we were face to face just a few inches apart when I came back to full consciousness. She smiled in her belligerent way, indicating that she had complete control of me and that I was a creature beneath her dignity.

I quickly regained my composure and put my weight on my legs again. She smirked as she let me go and took a step back. However, she did keep one hand on my arm until I had fully recovered my equilibrium. It took me a minute, but once I felt steady, I shook her arm loose. I believe her distain for my existence helped me recover quicker than normal.

I searched for Kann Mer Ray and found him stroking Stonewall, who seemed to enjoy the alien rub down. I made an attempt to speak but could only cough a few times before my speech faculties returned.

“W-wh-when will be joining this union?” I stammered.

“When humankind is ready,” he answered.

“How long will that take?” I retorted.

“Only the Creator knows,” he claimed.

“How long has your work, your guidance, your manipulation been going on?” I demanded.

“Since your planet was born,” he chimed as he kept his attention on Stonewall with his back to me.

Speaking to myself in a low voice, I uttered, “Then it has been in process for millions of years.”

“Correct,” he affirmed.

“Then why do you have so many Earths on which you are working in parallel? You should be able to accomplish your mission on just one,” I quipped.

This got his attention. He turned from Stonewall to face me, which caused Stonewall to give me a disagreeable snort. Apparently the alien massage was highly enjoyable, and he wanted it to continue.

Both Kann Mer Ray, the Mentor, and San Cirr Ray, the Assistant, faced me and fixed me with rather severe gazes. Then the Mentor explained, “Because your species has been one of the hardest to influence. For your planet, The Creator wanted the highest intelligent species to evolve from the elements of your Earth, plus the random influx of basic components from meteors to augment your line of development. As you know, it has taken billions of years to reach the present stage of planet and human progress. Multiple Earths were really implemented in the last 20,000 years to hasten humankind’s advancement. We have been inserting specific people to modify certain events in different historic ages to see what might accelerate humans to attain their best attributes on a continuous basis.”

“What has been done on other planets?” I asked.

The Mentor smiled and retorted, “That, as many of your human governments cite, is on a need to know basis.”

I grimly smiled back and said, “So you leave me in the dark, the same as our governments do. Why should I believe you? You might be trying to fatten us up to eat us, for all I know.”

The Mentor laughed wholeheartedly, while the Assistant scowled. Once the Mentor had fully enjoyed my attempt at levity, he added, “Ah yes. We have watched Mr. Serling’s TV segments with much interest. However, I promise you that we aren’t trying to raise humans to butcher and eat as indicated in Mr. Serling’s ‘How to Serve Man,’which was one of his better TV programs on your earth.”

I was surprised that the Mentor was familiar with Rod Serling and understood my jab at his reason for dealing with mankind.  I let out a long breath that I didn’t know I had been suppressing. The Mentor had supposedly been truthful with me, and it had rocked my world. I finally let go of all the worry, distrust and fears I had been carrying. I suddenly felt like a millstone had been lifted from my body.

With a new perspective I offered, “Okay let’s discuss the mission that you proposed.”

About Civil War Reflections

Vernon has been a Civil War buff since childhood, but had been inactive in Civil War history for over two decades. However, in the early 1990s his interest was rekindled after watching Ken Burns’ “Civil War Documentary” on PBS. He particularly became interested in the Battle of Antietam (Sharpsburg) and decided to learn more about this epic struggle.
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