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THE MARYLAND CAMPAIGN OF 1862: THROUGH ARKANSAS EYES Walker’s Division had been listening to the fire from the north with the knowledge that the battle would ultimately get to them. At about 9:00 AM a staff officer galloped up to … Continue reading

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‘The One Left Behind’: part 2

One Left Behind I can’t describe my heart ache, when my comrades are no more. I see their faces in my dreams and know they’re on That Far Shore. I know my time is coming and I’ll join them soon … Continue reading

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‘Bloody Lane’: part 3

Bloody Lane We broke and reformed two more times, but it was so strange How moments ago we had been berserkers and killed as if deranged. But now we wanted it all to stop. The Yanks were on a rampage. … Continue reading

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150th Shiloh: Saturday PM, Battle March (continued)

150th SHILOH… SATURDAY PM… BATTLE MARCH Continued… As with any army the routine is ‘hurry up and wait’. The position of troops was accomplished and we stacked arms to wait. Many of us replenished the water we had drank from … Continue reading

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Battle of Antietam/Sharpsburg Questions

January 13, 2012 by vdut7091 | Leave a comment | Edit Did Lee ever believe he had gotten into a serious debacle and his army was going to be severely crippled if not destroyed? In the early stages of the Maryland Campaign Lee was hurt when … Continue reading

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